Class VI - Geography

Chapter - 3 Motions of the Earth

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  • The Earth has two sorts of movements in particular, pivot and unrest.
  • Rotation is the development of the earth on its hub. Days and Nights happen due to turn.
  • Revolution is the development of the earth around the Sun in a settled way or circle. Upset causes the difference in seasons.
  • The pivot of the earth which is a fanciful line has an edge of with its orbital plane.
  • The circle that partitions the day from night on the globe is known as the hover of enlightenment.
  • The second movement of the earth around the sun in its circle is called transformation.
  • It takes 6hours (one year) to rotate around the sun.
  • We consider a year as comprising of 365days just and disregard six hours for comfort.
  • Six hours spared each year are probably going to make one day (24hours) over a traverse of four years.
  • This surplus day is added to the long stretch of February.
  • Every fourth year, February is of 29 days rather than 28 days. This year with 366 days is known as a jump year.
  • The earth circumvents the sun in a curved circle.
  • The evenings are longer than the days in winter season. This position of the earth is called as summer solstice.
  • On 22nd December the Tropic of Capricorn gets immediate beams of the sun as the South Pole tilts towards it. It is summer in Southern side of the equator and winter in Northern side of the equator. This is called winter solstice.
  • On 21st March and 23rd September, coordinate beams of the sun fall specifically on the equator. Amid this period, the entire earth encounters level with days and equivalent evenings. This is called an equinox.

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