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Revise your chapter by studying notes. Notes are prepared by students who had an excellent academic record in school and now studying at premium institutes. Notes are available for free. You can add or create your own notes by registering and accessing these notes after logging in.

Study Notes Practice Tests

Practice makes Perfect. The Practice Tests help you to discover what skills you have mastered and which you need to improve. Take a test and if you find it interesting, challenge your friend to take the same test. Is it not fun?

Study Notes Ask a Question

Have a doubt? Ask our experienced Teachers and they will explain you the concept in the most easiest way. You can ask even your fellow students or answer their queries. Peer to peer learning is not only fun, but very effective too.

Parent as teacher

Studying is fun, preparing for exams was never so easy.

Whenever there is any school exams be it a unit test or term exam, parents do prepare sample test papers. This way they check the preparedness of their ward for the school exam. In some cases, this responsibility is taken care by home tutors. eduBeans frees you from such exercise. It has got all kinds of tests for all the subjects. Just subscribe to it and prepare in a much efficient way.

It covers NCERT, CBSE, ICSE and other state boards.

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