eduBeans - Making a difference to how school students learn

eduBeans supplements supportive learning of students by their parents and tutors. It helps sculpt the students´┐Ż ability to grasp and master subjects, without opposing the role of parents, teachers or mentors. It is created underlining this ethos, for class 6th to 12th school-going students.

eduBeans as a program for school-going students can really make a difference to how they learn and apply this learning. It augments the student learning curve by periodic and regular assessment and formative feedback of their skills and competencies.

eduBeans helps resolve multiple and complex problems with fit-for-purpose assessment modules for each different student. It takes the lead in ensuring that we do not allow the schooling process to slip out of our hands. It accommodates institute regulations and peculiarities to implement value additions and innovations, by keeping abreast of new developments, reevaluating proven methods and pioneering assessment and feedback breakthroughs.

  1. eduBeans is a smart solution to help class VI to XII students, their parents, tutors and mentors
  2. Parents just need to assign a test from our online bank to their child and eduBeans will provide complete analysis of the weak and strong areas.
  3. eduBeans provides proactive assessment of preparedness for key subjects and topics therein
  4. eduBeans proactive advice on abilities and capacities and what more the child needs to practice, helps enhance student rankings and performance.

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