Class VIII

Beans VIII
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As you move to Class VIII, you need more practice and study. This will help you to practice, prepare and excel in each subject. It contains Online Tests, you can take from anywhere and anytime.
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  • Online tests for all the subjects except Hindi, Sanskrit and Foreign Languages.
  • There are three types of Tests, WarmUp tests: Each chapter will have a WarmUp test of 10 questions each to just warmup for the concepts and the knowledge of the chapter
  • Prepare: Again for each chapter with 25 questions each. This will test the deeper understanding of the chapter
  • Challenge: In these tests, there will be a group of chapters and each test will have 40 questions.
  • Challenge series is your preparation for your Term Test
  • Choose your own Chapters: As each school has its own pace to complete the syllabus, you can choose your chapters for the challenge series.
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Course Content
  1. Rational Numbers
  2. Linear Equations in One Variable
  3. Understanding Quadrilaterals
  4. Data Handling
  5. Squares and Square Roots
  6. Cubes and Cube roots
  7. Comparing Quantities
  8. Algebraic Expressions and Identities
  9. Visualising Solid Shapes
  10. Mensuration
  11. Exponents and Powers
  12. Direct and Inverse Proportions
  13. Factorisation
  14. Introduction to Graphs
  15. Playing with Numbers
  1. Crop Production and Management
  2. Microorganisms : Friend and Foe
  3. Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
  4. Materials : Metals and Non-Metals
  5. Coal and Petroleum
  6. Combustion and Flame
  7. Conservation of Plants and Animals
  8. Cell - Structure and Functions
  9. Reproduction in Animals
  10. Reaching the Age of Adolescence
  11. Force and Pressure
  12. Friction
  13. Sound
  14. Chemical Effects of Electric Current
  15. Some Natural Phenomena
  16. Light
  17. Stars and the Solar System
  18. Pollution of Air and Water
  1. How, When and Where
  2. From Trade to Territory
  3. Ruling the Countryside
  4. Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age
  5. When People Rebel
  6. Colonialism and the City
  7. Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory Owners
  8. Civilising the Native, Educating the Nation
  9. Women, Caste and Reform
  10. The Changing World of Visual Arts
  11. The Making of the National Movement
  12. India After Independence
  1. Resources
  2. Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources
  3. Mineral and Power Resources
  4. Agriculture
  5. Industries
  6. Human Resources
  1. The Indian Constitution
  2. Understanding Secularism
  3. Why do we need a Parliament?
  4. Understanding Laws
  5. Judiciary
  6. Understanding Our Criminal Justice System
  7. Understanding Marginalisation
  8. Confronting Marginalisation
  9. Public Facilities
  10. Law and Social Justice
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