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Synergy means integrating varied offerings into a complete solution, which is more powerful than the sum of its parts. At Pivotal India, this belief underlies the core of our specialized learning solutions. Our solutions bouquet is crafted to help students, teachers, educational institutions and business owners master the challenges of education dissemination and its fruitful application.

Our business model is built to transform learning and the ways of learning. We believe tests or exams should give a direction to the future, rather than being used as a tool to measure the past. We deem that learners should communicate freely among their communities and share as much as possible. As established leaders in our chosen domain, we are making learning easier, more natural, exciting and fun, everyday, for countless students and academic professionals, across India.

Our Assessment and Social/Collaborative Learning Solutions have an established legacy of helping scores of students and institutes meet academic and educational challenges, with cutting edge technology. The amalgam of team expertise, experience and, relentless R&D, enable us to help our solution-users adapt to the future - whatever that future is.

eduBeans supplements supportive learning of students by their parents and tutors. It helps sculpt the students' ability to grasp and master subjects, without opposing the role of parents, teachers or mentors. It is created underlining this ethos, for class 6th to 12th school - going students.

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