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1. Why Tests?

Tests or assessments are tools to assess your strengths, weaknesses and how your chances stand for the success in a particular exam you are preparing for. The more tests you take, more confident you feel about the pattern, about your calculation speeds and your recall abilities. All these qualities gives you that extra edge when it is required the most in the exams. Sometimes, tests also give you a fair idea whether you should continue preparing for that exam or start preparing for some other exam. This can save lot of energy, time and money and still you can be successful.

2. Why Online Tests?

Exam I am preparing is still paper and pencil based, how can online tests will help me? Question is valid and answer is simple, technology helps you to save time and do things more repetitively than without technology. In this context, it is not possible to generate so many tests and then attempt using pen and paper, you will need someone to check them and give expert advice. In online test this is possible, you can take as many tests as you want and we will check it instantly and will give you expert advice. Take this feedback to your Teacher/Faculty and he will help you to overcome the weaknesses and further strengthen your strengths.

3. How only Objective Type questions are sufficient?

You get subjective or Free Form questions in your school exams so how can just Objective Type questions suffice for my preparation. This is a natural query. The way we have designed the questions and the options, you cannot answer them correctly if you have not read the concepts thoroughly. Only thing we leave is the language. World wide, assessments are going online and more and more focus is how well you use the concept rather than how well you know the concept. We fulfill these criteria. Try our tests and you will not feel anything missing in your school exams.

4. Why eduBeans?

edubeans is a specialist of tests and assessments. It has been developed after lot of research and consultation with students, teachers, parents and experts. Understanding their requirements and pain points, we have developed this platform. This platform not only gives you an honest assessment of your capabilities but also gives you a direction for your future growth and planning. eduBeans has huge question bank for each chapter in the syllabus. This gives us a flexibility to have multiple tests on a single chapter. This will assure that you have learned all the concepts of that chapter and you are ready for the exam. We not only assess but will make you learn the concepts where we found you weak. There is no extra Fee for this learning. Our unique way of making you understand the missing links will be full of fun and it will not take your time as well. So you keep moving with your preparation and we keep filling the gaps. Is it not a great way to achieve the success you started for?

5. Why eduBeans, when I have home tutor or my parents teach me at home?

We do not compete with your tuition teacher, rather we complement. We will make sure that the hard work put in by your teacher or parents will bring the desired results. Designing tests for so many unit tests and terms tests is not an easy task. We compliment this limitation by inviting you on our platform and take as many tests as you want with instant results. This will give your teachers and parents to spend more time teaching you.