Class VI - Geography

Chapter - 4 Maps

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  • A map can be defined as a representation or a drawing of earth’s surface or area of it which is drawn on a flat surface according to a scale.
  • Maps are of a few sorts.
  • Maps indicating normal highlights of the earth are called physical or help maps.
  • Maps demonstrating urban communities, town and towns, nations and conditions of the world with their limits are called political maps.
  • Some maps concentrate on particular data like precipitation delineate, maps, maps of vacationer places are called topical maps.
  • There are three segments of maps-separation, bearing and image.
  • Distance is measured as far as scale. Scale is the portion between the real separation on the ground and the separation appeared on the guide.
  • When expansive regions like continents or nations are to be appeared on a paper, at that point we utilize a little scale.
  • When a little territory likes your town to town in to be appeared on paper, at that point we utilize a vast scale outline.
  • Directions are cardinal focuses like North, South, East and West.
  • Symbols are sure letters, shades, hues, pictures and lines, which give us data about a restricted place.
  • Various different things like outlines and plan are utilized to draw a region of an extensive scale.

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