Class VI - Geography

Chapter - 6 Major Landforms of the Earth

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  • Within the earth a persistent development is occurring.
  • The first is inside process which prompts upliftment and sinking of the earth’s surface at a few spots.
  • The second is the outside procedure. It is the nonstop wearing out and modifying of the land surface.
  • The wearing without end of the world's surface is called disintegration.
  • The surface is being brought down by the procedure of disintegration and reconstructed by the procedure of testimony.
  • These two procedures are completed by running water, ice and wind.
  • The distinctive landforms relying upon height and slant are mountains, levels and fields.

  • A mountain is any normal height of the world's surface with a pinnacle or a summit.
  • In a few mountains, there are for all time solidified streams of ice. They are called icy masses.
  • A constant chain of mountains over a vast zone is called 'Range'.
  • The Himalayas, The Alps and The Andes in Asia, Europe and South America separately are some driving mountains.
  • There are three kinds of mountains Fold Mountains, Block Mountains and the Volcanic Mountains.
  • Mountains are storage facility of water. Facilitate they have timberlands which give us fuel, feed, shield and different items.
  • A level is a level topped table land. It is a raised level land.
  • The Deccan level in India is one of the most seasoned levels.
  • Plateaus are valuable as they are rich in mineral stores.
  • Many levels have waterfalls. The magma levels have soil useful for development.
  • Plains are low-lying and level extends of land.
  • Plains might be to a great degree level, marginally rolling and undulating.
  • Plains are prolific. They are useful for development, transport and home.
Landforms and the People :
  • Human settlements are heaps of landforms.
  • Areas which are risky or detached have less home when contrasted with zones which are palm or rich in minerals.

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