Class VI - Geography

Chapter - 8 India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife

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  1. in day by day life, we find out about changes in climate and atmosphere through changes in temperature, precipitation, daylight, and so on.
  2. These are four noteworthy seasons in India:
    1. Cold climate season (winter) from December to February.
    2. Hot climate season (summer) from March to May.
    3. South-west Monsoon season (Rainy) from June to September.
    4. Season of Retreating Monsoon (autumn) from October and November.
  3. The atmosphere of a place is influenced by its area, height, remove from the ocean and alleviation.
  • It incorporates a wide range of trees, bushes and grasses. Regular vegetation is reliant upon atmosphere conditions and the measure of precipitation a place gets.
  • It is of different kinds:
    1. Tropical Rainforests happen in territories of overwhelming precipitation. They are additionally called evergreen backwoods.
    2. Tropical Deciduous Forests happen in territories with storm and are found in the regions getting between 100 cm and 200 cm of yearly precipitation. They are additionally called storm timberland.
    3. Thorny shrubs vegetation is found in dry regions.
    4. Mountain vegetation is found in regions with stature, similar to the bumpy zones.
    5. Mangrove timberlands make due in saline water.
  • Forests discharge oxygen which we inhale and assimilate carbon dioxide.
  • They avert soil disintegration.
  • They give timber to furniture, fuel wood, restorative plants, nectar, gum, and so on.
  • They are the common living space of natural life.
  • Reckless cutting of trees ought to be halted to anticipate common vegetation.
  • Forests are home to an assortment of untamed life.
  • Thousands of types of creatures and a vast assortment of reptiles, creatures of land and water, vertebrate, winged animals, bugs and worms abide in the timberland.
  • Tiger is found in different parts of the nation and is our national creature. Gir backwoods in Gujarat are discovered lion, elephants, camels, and so forth.
  • India is rich in flying creature life as well. Peacock is our national fowl. Other regular feathered creatures are parrots, pigeons, bulbul, and so forth.
  • Projects like Project Tiger and Project Elephant have been propelled to ensure natural life.

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