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This package contains Online Tests for Class XI Commerce (CBSE) to practice, prepare and excel.
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Unique way of learning by Assessment. Questions trigger a mental reflex known as "instinctive elaboration." When a question is posed, it takes over the brain's thought process. And when your brain is thinking about the answer to a question, it can't contemplate anything else.
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Subjects and Chapters covered
  1. Introduction to Accounting
  2. Theory of Accounting
  3. Recording of Transactions
  4. Bank Reconciliation Statement, Ledger & Trail Balance
  5. Rectification of Errors
  6. Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves
  7. Bills of Exchange
  8. Financial Statements
  9. Computers in Accounting
  10. Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organisation
Business Studies
  1. Nature and Purpose of Business
  2. Forms of Business Organisation
  3. Private, Public and Global Enterprises
  4. Business Services
  5. Emerging Modes of Business
  6. Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics
  7. Sources of Business Finance
  8. Small Business
  9. Internal Trade
  10. International Business - I
  1. Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence
  2. Indian Economy 1950-1990
  3. Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization
  4. Poverty
  5. Human Capital Formation in India
  6. Rural Development
  7. Employment: Growth, Informalisation and Other Issues
  8. Infrastructure
  9. Environment and Sustainable Development
  10. Comparative Development Experiences of India and its Neighbours
  1. Introduction
  2. Collection of Data
  3. Organization of Data
  4. Presentation of Data
  5. Measures of Central Tendency
  6. Measures of Dispersion
  7. Correlation
  8. Index Number
  9. Use of Statistical Tools
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        Challenge is designed as final preparation for your term test. You can choose your chapters to create a test. Test will be prepared based on your previous performances.

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