Practice Tests

Use Test and Assessment to enhance your learning, Tests enhance learning, Tests have shown to be highly effective method for improving students' retention of knowledge in many different subject matters.

Study Notes

Notes prepared by students who had excellent academic record in school and now studying at premium institutes are available for free.

Ask an Expert

Have a doubt? Ask our experienced Teachers and they will explain you the concept in the most easiest way.

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Anytime Anywhere

Convenience of taking the test anywhere and anytime. It is completely hassle free.

Create your Test

Standard tests are available. All schools cover syllabus at different pace so syllabus of Term exams or FAs differ from school to school. Create your own test defining which all chapters are covered.

Better Results

It is scientifically proven that if a student has taken more tests prior to his main exam, he retains more knowledge for the main exam and thus improves his results much better.

Detailed Report

After every test, you get a detailed assessment report. It clearly identifies the weak and strong areas in every subject. It shows how the learning has been progressing.

Measure Skills

Questions are mapped with skills. Every test gives a report on the skills used and vis-a-vis performance for those skills. This give clear road map for progress and area where more focus is required.


Sometimes, even putting more hard work does not bring desired results. Basic reason is that we do not know where to put that hard work. Detailed analytics gives a clear picture of weak and strong areas and help in putting the right amount of work.

Growth Chart

Edubeans keeps history for performance, class on class, subject on subject. This gives a detailed path of progress in terms of skills and can be used to take decisions in terms of career or further studies.

No Cost

It is less than Rs 3 per day which is almost no cost. A platform which gives so much at such low cost, must be part of every child's education journey.

School Tests are fun, preparing sample tests was never so easy.

Whenever there is any school exams be it unit test or term exam, parents do prepare sample test papers. This way they check the preparedness of their ward for the school exam. In some cases, this responsibility is taken care by home tutors. eduBeans frees you from such exercise. It has got all kind of tests for all the subjects. Just subscribe to it and prepare yourself in a much efficient way.

It covers NCERT, CBSE, ICSE and other state boards.

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